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Due Musici

Soprano Juliane Kunzendorf and Guitarist Benjamin Doppscher are linked in their love for classical music as well as in their interest in crossing over into other musical genres.

One main aspect in their work as the duo “Due Musici” since the foundation in 2009, is the performance of classical music in unusual places to open the concerts for a wider audience, which normally would hesitate to go to old-fashioned concert venues.

The two musicians perform in a Wellness-Spa on a regular basis, on Festivals in parks but also in churches in and around Berlin, where they present their music with compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach and John Dowland.

With their programme

“O mistress mine. Lovesongs of the Renaissance “

(John Dowland “Books of Song or Ayres”)

Due Musici want to bring the music of William Shakespeare’s time back to life, they found a way of presenting this precious music to their audience.

You can buy the CD „O Mistress Mine“ (published 2013) on